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We ask questions, we uncover risks, and then we pair you with a carrier relationship that has specific policies that align with your lifestyle.

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That’s because it is.


Our mission is to preserve your assets and to protect your legacy. We accomplish this by listening and understanding your specific needs. Then together we collaborate with you to design an insurance policy that’s tailored to your specific family needs.

Having a policy that is specifically engineered for you gives you the protection your assets and family need in case you ever have to use it. With the E3 protection you have the peace of mind and comfort you need to keep living your life to the fullest potential.
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At E3, we excel at manufacturing policies that are specific to every aspect of your life, guaranteeing you a worry free life, even in the event of inevitable disasters.

The reality of insurance is that not all policies are created equal. Many of the everyday carriers that you come across in your daily life have what’s called an open peril policy. The difference that E3 offers with our preferred carriers is that we only offer you all peril policies. You may be asking yourself, well what’s the difference and why should I care? We’ll tell you.

An open peril policy (which is why many policies are much cheaper than others) only covers you for a specific set of conditions. The reason why many people think insurance doesn’t work is because they had an incident that wasn’t covered under their insurance due to having an open peril policy. An all peril policy will cover all of your risks unless specifically excluded by the carrier. Having an all peril policy gives you the freedom to live life peacefully and without worry.

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Believe it or not, there are many companies that don’t take your best interest into account when it comes to your insurance. Have you ever really thought that someone could learn enough about your specific needs in 15 minutes or less? There’s absolutely no way!

Unlike many other captive agencies, we don’t work for the carrier, we work directly for you. Can you remember the last time your so-called agent reached out to you? We’ll bet likely not. You are what’s important to us as an agency so we take the time to fully understand your needs and engineer a policy specific to you.

What you truly desire is to be understood, listened to, and acknowledged. You need someone who does the diligence to keep your best interest at heart and to guarantee peace of mind for you, your family, and your business. At E3, you’re what matters most.


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