Comprehensive Vs. Collision Auto Insurance: What You Need to Know

You may have heard the terms collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. Collision and comprehensive coverage are important supplements to liability insurance. Do you know what they mean and when are they used? In this article we’ll dive into what they mean and when are ideal examples to use each!

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage pays for your vehicle’s damage if you hit an object or another car.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive insurance pays for non-crash damage, such as weather and fire damage. It also
reimburses you for car theft and damage from collisions with animals.

Examples Of When You Could Make A Collision Claim

  • Your car slides on ice and hits a guardrail.
  • You swerve to avoid a squirrel and hit a pole.
  • Someone dents your car and drives off.
Car Wreck

Examples Of When You Could Make A Comprehensive Claim

  • You hit a deer and dent your fender.
  • You need a windshield.
  • A fire in your garage damages your car.
  • A Hailstorm damages your car.
  • A Thief steals your car and it’s not recovered.
Broken Windshield

Do comprehensive and collision claims both affect me …..YES.

Please note both go on your record anytime you make a claim and both comp and collision are claims.

Most carriers do a 5-7 year look back on claim history.

Sherry BermanSherry Berman
17:55 08 Dec 22
We just moved over to e3 with Chris Stone, 1 1/2 years ago. Our house flooded during snowmeggedon in Texas last February. The insurance companies were overwhelmed with phone calls from Texas. Our insurance company was not responding to us on a timely basis, and because of the supply chain shortage, we knew we needed to act quickly. Chris knew who to talk to at our insurance company, and was a total advocate for us and made sure that our needs were being taken care of. Our last insurance agent was the advocate for the insurance company, not us. Chris knows the business inside out. He guided us along the process of what to do. e3 represents many different insurance companies, which gives Chris the ability to guide you into the best policy that meets your needs. He explains the insurance lingo in layman terms, and makes sure that you and your family are protected. My husband and I totally trust Chris to give us the best policy with in our budget.
Andy BermanAndy Berman
21:56 07 Dec 22
e3 Insurance and Chris Stone are simply the best!! After experiencing a flood in our house and a total redo necessary, Chris made the experience completely seamless!! There simply is no one better!!
Alex ThipkhosithkunAlex Thipkhosithkun
19:32 03 Nov 22
I can't say enough good things about Chris at e3 Insurance. He really is an expert in his field and was really helpful and thoughtful through my home and car insurance purchasing experience. But it doesn't stop there. Recently, I was facing a relatively stressful plumbing situation with my newly purchased house and after talking to Chris and putting me in contact with the right people, they had someone come out THAT afternoon-- Amazing!
Austin SandozAustin Sandoz
14:45 06 Oct 22
Chris was a client of mine for a long time. When I reached out to get a quote I was blown away. I found out my brand-new 2022 Jeep was severely underinsured and I had little to no protection for my assets.After comparing my old policy side by side with my new policy he was able to quadruple my coverage and protect my assets for LESS than what I was paying before. When it's done right, it's done right.
Sheryl KlousiaSheryl Klousia
14:29 06 Mar 22
Chris has been extremely helpful in finding us great policies for house and car insurance. He reviews our policy yearly to ensure we are getting the best rate and best coverage… and recommends changing when needed. We are very satisfied with his service… he has saved us so much over the 3 years that we have been with him ! So glad we found him. Our kids all use his services also !

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